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The 3 Most Common Types of Bike Sheds - Pros and Cons

Welcome to On our website you'll find suppliers to the many different makes and models of bike sheds. With such a wide variety of materials, sizes and colors, you shouldn't have any problem finding the perfect one to fit your needs.

Bike sheds can be purchased in just about any shape, size or color. Outdoor storage sheds are created and designed to provide protection against theft and the elements like rain, wind, dirt, snow, ocean salt water, and heat from the sun, while indoor bicycle storage sheds are designed more for saving space in the garage and aesthetic appearances.

Consider where you live and the space that's available to you when making your purchase. Typical cubic feet of storage space can vary greatly. Just make sure it's wide enough to store bikes and has plenty of head room for yard equipment or any landscaping tools you might want to keep protected as well.

Some generally common and popular bicycle storage units you may find out there include the Rubbermaid Big max, Rubbermaid Slide Lid, Rubbermaid Vertical, and of course plastic, vinyl, metal, resin, and wood. The more expensive models come equipped with hooks and racks, with the larger ones having shelves to store your extra elbow and knee pads, helmets, bags, bins for parts, bicycle tire tubes, tire air pump, and patch kit.

The 3 most common types:

Plastic Bike Sheds


Available in various styles, sizes and colors, plastic is highly durable and allow the homeowner a great storage facility with many practical applications. Much more affordable then wood or metal, it doesn't rot or collect rust.

Because you will never have to treat a plastic product they become relatively low in maintenance and offer great protection from direct sunlight, rain, and the cold. Most come with fire retardant protection and depending on the size can be customizable for skylights, peg boards, windows, shelving, etc.

They can be purchased in industrial prefabricated do it yourself plastic kits that are easy to install, lightweight and are a breeze to handle making it no problem to roll them around in your yard or house.


While inexpensive and very mobile, plastic storage sheds aren't necessarily the most attractive when compared to custom wooden ones. Even though they come in many colors and can be painted to your liking, synthetic materials will never completely blend in to the natural environment. And because of their light weight, they have a tendency to get blown over in high winds, if not anchored down properly.

Most plastic storage sheds come UV protected, but if not then they will fade, possible warp, and become distorted over time in very hot climates. With plastic security is always an issue even with a lock and it's also not the most stable and ecologically safe structure.

Wooden Bike Sheds


If your looking for something a lot more stable and permanent for you bicycle then a wooden bike shed would be the way to go. Whether you decide in building it yourself to save money or use a company for the right price to do it for you, wood offers the flexibility for custom design, details, privacy, and options that you won't find with any other type.

For example, they can be built to fit into any specific area you want, in just about any size you want. Depending on the size they can be outfitted with shelves, shutters, flower boxes, weather-vanes, air-conditioning or customized with drilled in hooks to hang your sport cycling gear and mountain bikes leaving you ease of access and a clear floor.

Unlike synthetic materials, wood can blend in with the naturally green environment giving life to your backyard or garden. Even though they are environmentally friendly and Eco sound, they still offer a great level of security and protection from the elements.


Wood can cost a great deal more than plastic or metal, depending on the size, materials, and type of wood used. They can also be vulnerable to rot, deterioration, and pest attacks if not treated properly and frequently checked for problems. This makes them the easiest to be damaged while requiring the most maintenance.

Unlike prefabricated or do-it-yourself kits, wood sheds usually require a professional contractor to build it to specs, especially if your not the handyman type or you just don't have the time. This brings in additional costs and time trying to locate and hire a reputable contractor.

Metal Bike Sheds


Metal is very strong and durable, and because of this they offer the best bicycle security overall. Not only would they be hard to break into because they are made out of metal, but they become very noisy if someone were to try to break into them which would alert you to their presence, giving you added security to your bikes and equipment.

Unlike wood, metal needs no special treatment to keep the bugs away and keep it from rotting. They are also easy to clean with a hose and a little bit of water, making them very low maintenance. And with galvanized steel or a coat of durable polyester textured weather proofing you won't have to worry about rust or other damaging elements. They can also be purchased where you don't even need to lay a foundation.


The biggest disadvantage when it comes to bike sheds made out of metal is the look. Most metal sheds don't blend into their environment very well. Especially if their placed on a lawn or garden in plain site where they can be easily seen.

Metal is also prone to dents that are not easy to fix and if left uncared for can start to collect rust and corrode, further adding to the already mediocre look of metal. This all depends of course on the type of metal that is used. Steel would be more prone to rust where aluminum would not. However aluminum usually comes thin, which can't handle really high winds or a severe snow load.

These types can also get really hot in certain climates, possible melting or warping plastic safety equipment kept inside. And steel can freeze in the winter making it dangerous to touch with your bare hands. These are just a few of the considerations to think about when deciding on what will work for you. There are many sources for cyclists out there to find exactly what your looking for.